About Ghana

Perched on the edge of West Africa and a diverse and bustling nation with an international community and fast- growing economy, Ghana offers a perfect gateway to the continent of Africa. There are many reasons to visit and receive an Akwaaba (Welcome) from the locals.

Ghana is known as the ‘Gateway to Africa’ and you’ll find freedom, fun and a warm welcome in this vibrant and colourful country. Relax on the beautiful beaches or roam around the lush rainforests, explore exciting and bustling cities such as Accra, the capital and home to fascinating museums, urban beaches, live music and many bars and restaurants. Visit Kumasi rich in culture and heritage or check out big game in the Mole National Park with its incredible elephants in the African savannah. Pick the perfect spot beneath a palm tree and while away a day or two on the beach, see breath-taking Lake Volta or seek some fun island hopping. Ghana’s national profile as an exciting holiday destination is on the rise. Renowned for its many festivals and celebration events that are increasingly attracting international visitors, in the field of music, fashion, arts and food as well as exciting new areas such as paragliding and surfing.

Explore West Africa’s most welcoming nation. Join us in our small group adventures as we discover remote villages with strong ancestral traditions and learn about the Ashanti kingdom at Kumasi, home to one of the world's biggest outdoor markets where you can shop for handicrafts and colourful West African textiles. We visit the home of sacred monkeys and learn about the tragic history of this part of Africa in the colossal slave castle at Cape Coast, Elmina and numerous forts. Take leisurely walks to spectacular waterfalls and through national parks teeming with biodiversity. A fascinating journey through an enchanting country.
On the coast there are the spectacular beaches of Elmina, Axim and Busua, the incredible rainforests, waterfalls and mountain ranges, lagoons (havens for huge varieties of birdlife), jungles and the world famous 100 feet high canopy walkways of Kakum National Park. Ghana is a west African country with a difference, this English- speaking West African nation is a microcosm of the African continent, with its tropical rainforest, mountains, coastal marshes and Sahalian savannah. Ghana stands out as an outstanding destination and an exceptional introduction to sub-Saharan Africa. Ghana is politically stable and without a doubt the friendly nation in Africa. So why not join us to discover the undiscovered and enjoy a real Taste of Ghana!